Effective Altruism NYU Facilitators Team

Fall 2022 Facilitator Application


The EA NYU facilitators team consists of current undergraduate and graduate students at NYU and other NYC universities, as well as working professionals in the EA NYC community. We also work with virtual facilitators involved with EA wherever they are based in the world!


Facilitators are responsible for leading hour-long group discussions once a week (or more frequently depending on interest) for cohorts of up to five fellows. To prepare for discussions, facilitators should read the required readings outlined in the syllabus for that week and are encouraged to look through the applicable facilitator guides for their program.

Social Impact Career: SICF Syllabus, SICF Facilitator Guide

Long Term Future: LTFF Syllabus, LTFF Facilitator Guide

Technical AI Alignment: TAIAF Syllabus

Meetings take place during lunch or dinner time on weekdays, with meals provided for each person for in-person meetings.


Most in-person meetings will take place at caf├ęs or restaurants near the Washington Square Park NYU campus.


Our fellowships cover eight weeks of content and start in mid October and end in mid December. We run similar fellowship programs each semester of the academic year.


EA community building on the university level is currently considered one of the highest return paths to impact. NYU has thousands of ambitious, intelligent and passionate students who are largely unaware of Effective Altruism currently, and NYC one of the most active city-wide groups. Our goal at EA NYU is to introduce these students to ways of thinking in EA, connect them with other active EAs, and help them find high-impact career paths that play to their strengths and interests. Our facilitators help set the epistemological foundations for our groups, and provide invaluable personal and organizations infrastructure. Being a facilitator is an excellent way to strengthen and refine your own understanding of EA, drop in further to the EA NYC community, and make new connections. We couldn’t do it without you!


If you are interested in joining the EA NYU facilitator team, please fill out our Fall 2022 Facilitator Application. After we receive your responses, we will follow up with you.

Thank you so much!

Sincerely, The EA NYU Team